Nailing the interview process; part 5. First impressions matter

I’m sure you were told, as a child, to look the person with whom you were talking in the eyes. You were also instructed to deliver a firm, yet gentle, handshake; not a limp one. I bet you were told to smile, as well. Your guardians wanted you to come across as likable, because being […]

Nailing the interview process, part 3: research, research, research

You’ve heard it over and over again: You need to do your research before an interview. Why? Because: When you do your research, you’re more prepared. When you’re more prepared, you’ll be more confident. When you’re more confident, you’ll do better. The last thing you want to do is wing it in an interview. You’ll fail, […]

Nailing the Interview Process, Know thyself: Part 2

Interviewing for a job is tough, whether you’re actively or passively seeking. If it were so easy, people like me wouldn’t have to provide advice on how to interview. One of the challenges of the interview process is knowing yourself, really knowing yourself. Before you even start the interview process, I’d like you to do […]