Brainstorming, Agile; does it work for introverts?

On a visit to my brother’s school (he was a principal at the time), I noticed a whiteboard in his office with various notes on the school’s vision written on it. “Brainstorming session?” I asked. He nodded with a smile on his face. I thought to myself that I wouldn’t want to have been in […]

There are 5 LinkedIn contributors; which one are you?

Spending as much time on LinkedIn as I do, I notice how often my network contributes. Some are consistent and strike an even balance, others do not. In this post, I’m going to address the five types of Linked contributors. I’ve always asserted that there are three components of your LinkedIn success: Creating a profile; connecting […]

Pre-suasion: Unity is about we and me

Brian Ahearn is one of my favorite writers because his message is so clear and relevant. This guest post addresses Unity, one of Cialdini’s seven principles of influence. Read Brian’s story to the end. It’s quite moving. My father is a Marine. He served from 1962-1967, having done a couple of tours in Vietnam. You […]

Success is in the Follow-up!

Many potential job leads and key referrals are lost because of a lack of follow up in job search networking! Job seekers know they are supposed to network with others to find their next job. Unfortunately, by effectively doing only “drive-by” networking, most real opportunities are lost. When people have a networking conversation or meeting, […]

Job search advice only works when it’s applied!

Clearly, not all advice is good advice. No advice, however, works if it’s not applied! Many job seekers look for ideas, best practices, strategies, techniques and other advice for hours each day. Some, when they are with others, often talk as if they themselves are job search experts. They’ve learned it all… and yet, they […]

Networking doesn’t work for MY job search!

It’s not unusual for people to tell me that their situation is different than others, and networking doesn’t work for them. Usually, it’s after they tried to connect with someone, or they reached out to someone that they found on LinkedIn and it produced no leads, referrals, or insight. More often than not, it has […]