About Stanley Martin – Founder and CEO
Stanley Martin founded Job Finder  to assist Organization in finding Quality talent at reasonable prices. He also wants to  creating a channel where resources, information and business opportunities can can be promoted to individuals and assist them in reaching their full  earning potential and career goals.
Born on the south side of Chicago where life was challenging and often overwhelming, he struggled daily with finding his direction in life. Career options were few and generally limited to fast food, warehouse and manual labor positions. He knew in his heart that he needed to make a difference not only in his own life, but in the lives of others. In searching for new job opportunities, he gathered a wide variety of valuable resources and information. Even though most of the information did not fit his personal goals,
Stanley knew that other people could benefit from the resources, so he started holding job fairs and support group at his neighboring church. As the job sessions began to grow, Stanley realized that there were many more people who could use his help and resources. Armed with a plethora of employment resources and the passion to help more people, Stanley started Job Finder to help a variety of people meet and exceed their career goals and to support businesses in finding quality talent.

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